Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of lessons a week are included in my inscription?

Beginners have up to 3 hours of supervised classes (7 years and over) and advanced students up to 4 hours of supervised classes per week, included in the registration fee. Introductory karate classes for ages 4 to 6 are 45 minutes a week. We have an open period on Thursdays for those who wish to come and practice. This is an ideal time to perfect techniques and practice katas.

The number of classes per week is optional. The more frequent and sustained your attendance, the faster you'll learn. We strongly recommend a minimum of two classes per week for beginners. As students move up the ranks, the number of hours per week should ideally be increased to ensure continued progress. We also strongly recommend taking part in the clinics and camps we offer.

How many sessions are there?

We normally have 3 sessions per year:

When can I register?

We have three registration periods:

How do I register?

Online, via this website. Go to homepage, then choose registration. You'll be able to pay securely by credit card. Please register before attending your first class.

What age range are the classes designed for?

We have two categories. Regular classes for children aged 7 and over, and introductory classes for children aged 4 to 6.

Regular classes are not divided by age, but by grade, allowing parents to practice with their children aged 7 and over.

How much does a uniform (karatégi) cost?

Prices vary. They range from $25 to $200 and even $300, depending on quality. Beginners can get a gi for around $60 for adults and less for children. It's a good idea to buy a pair of karate gloves for sparring.

Where can I get a karategi (training uniform)?

We can order them for you. We have two suppliers: Jukado and Arawaza. For toddlers, there are some online at Décathlon. They're also available in many other places. Judo and other martial arts gi are not permitted. All pants and shirts must be white. We recommend that you buy white underwear as well, such as a white T-shirt or white sports camisole. Visible colors other than white are not permitted under the gi.

If I have previously practiced karate, will my grade be recognized?

Every situation is different. An evaluation is performed by the chief instructor. You have to talk to our instructor to see where you stand.

If you've been practicing Shotokan karate with a dojo associated with JKS, your rank will be recognized, but you may be asked to join a beginner or intermediate group if you haven't been practicing for a while.

If you've been practicing another style, it's common to have to start from the very beginning. The head instructor always has the freedom to decide where you are in your progression.